May 11th, 2021

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List of Tennis Rackets Under 300 Grams

The lightweight classic rackets, in recent years, have increasingly improved their performance, becoming a valid alternative to profiles, even for those looking for a frame with power.

Today it is different, even the classic lightweights manage to be solid, well-performed, and able to offer more connected and more satisfying gaming experiences from a sensory point of view, compared to the corresponding ones with tubular fuse.

One of the first advantages is precisely in the lower rigidity, which is already a very important starting point, but it does not end there, because the market offers many solutions, able to meet the most diverse needs, with thrust, control, feeling, tolerance and even spin, depending on the frame under consideration.

In addition, it is the rackets that are most suitable for customization, where the level of inertia is, almost always, contained, and there is a lot of space for custom.

But, in this comparison, we will treat the frames as they are proposed by the companies, highlighting the Pros and Cons of each of them.

Here is the comparison between the classic rackets 285-300 grams.

10: Yonex VCore Pro 97 LG 290

Pros: Feeling, control, technical completeness, handling.

Cons: higher technical demand than competition, low-speed and supporting power, stability.

09: Tecnifibre T-fight 300 RS 

Pros: free push, ductility.

Cons: dry impact, flat shot control.

08: Wilson Blade 100L v7

Pros: free power, spin, tolerance.

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